Welcome to Great Yarmouth’s Cultural Heritage Partnership

"Pulling Together"

This partnership is a wide collection of respected societies and trusts, with the objective

to offer all of Great Yarmouth’s unique history in one website.

We welcome any society associated with Great Yarmouth’s history to join our website.

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The Great Yarmouth Branch of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society was founded on 24th January 1888 as a charitable organisation for people to meet, discuss and share their interest in heritage, history and archaeology. In February 1953, members sought independence and became the Great Yarmouth and District Archaeological Society.

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust founded in 1979 with a vision to preserve the historic built environment in the Borough of Great Yarmouth. The Trust was incorporated as a company limited under guarantee in 1980. The Trust has directly saved historic buildings and campaigned and helped to promote the preservation of our shared heritage.

The Arts Festival is an opportunity for local people and visitors to the area to sample art, culture and heritage and to actively participate in many of the workshops associated with the festival. If we are going to continue to grow then we could do with some more people to help.

The Norfolk HER is the definitive database of the county's archaeo- logical sites and historic buildings. It contains over 60,000 records describing the archaeology of Norfolk from the earliest evidence for human occupation from 750,000 BC up to the present day.

Norfolk Museums Service (NMS) was established in 1974 when the County and District Councils in Norfolk agreed to delegate their museum powers to a Joint Committee to manage museums through a countywide Museums Service.

From small beginnings towards the end of the 19th century, the collection of historic places now managed by English Heritage has grown to over 400, inspired by a determination to put England's heritage ahead of private interest.