Great Yarmouth Town Hall

The Town Hall was constructed in 1882, replacing the Georgian Town Hall, which had faced the river. It was designed by the architect, J.B.Pearce and opened by the Prince of Wales on 31 May 1882 before he became Edward VI.

In red brick, with terracotta detail and a red sandstone basement storey, the hall has a clock tower some 110 feet tall. The handsome Assembly Hall occupies most of the first floor. In 1886, the building began to subside towards the west, and the clock tower began to lean, so the west side of the building was underpinned with steel girders and concrete.

The Town Hall is a public building used as offices for Great Yarmouth Borough Council. Tours of the Assembly Room, Council Chamber, Supper Room and Robing Room are ocassionally available by contacting the Mayor's Secretary.