Royal Naval Hospital

The Royal Naval Hospital was built in 1809-11 for casualties of the Napoleonic Wars. It replaced the earlier hospital, which was situated roughly where Sainsbury’s is today (2013). It was constructed of the finest materials by Miles and Peto, at a cost of £120,000. The design is quadrangular and has four ranges constructed in yellow stock brick, which were large ward blocks. The gatehouse is formed as a triumphal arch with Tuscan pilasters. The Hospital became a barracks, but reverted to being a hospital when the Royal Naval Arsenal was built in Southtown. It has been an army hospital, a naval asylum, a World War II naval base headquarters and an N.H.S. psychiatric hospital. It has now been sympathetically converted into apartments.

Please note that the Royal Naval Hospital is private residential property. Public access to the grounds is restricted to the Heritage Open Days which for 2016 are Friday 9 September to Sunday 11 September between 11am and 3pm.

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