Sailors Home (Tourist Information)

The Sailors’ Home now the Tourist Information Centre. In the days of sail, the coast off Great Yarmouth was extremely dangerous. Shipwrecks were common and in 1858, a meeting was held with a view to building a Sailors’ Home to provide accommodation, rest and care for shipwrecked sailors of all nations, who were brought ashore, and for those paid-off or waiting to join a ship. In 1859, the Home was opened in temporary buildings behind the Bath Hotel and, in 1861, after extensive fund-raising, the new building was opened on Marine Parade. In addition to board and lodging, the Home proved a library, museum, charts and training for apprentices. It finally closed in 1965, and has since been a Maritime Museum and is now the Tourist Information Centre.

During its 150 year history, it had cared for more than 11,000 shipwrecked sailors from 29 different counties.

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