Row 111 House

Row 111 House and the Old Merchant’s House (Row 117). Both are early 17th century houses, which were bombed in 1942 and subsequently re-built. An architectural team investigated the ruined houses in this heavily bombed area of old Great Yarmouth, and found the remains of many 17th century houses, most of which were beyond restoration. The investigators removed doors, fireplaces, panelling and anything else of interest, including Delft tiles and wall anchors from ruined buildings for use in restoring the Row 111 House and the Old Merchant’s House. Both houses are built of brick and flint with mullioned windows. Row 111 House had been divided in the 19th century into three dwellings, which was typical of how fine row houses declined into slums. The house has 18th century panelling and a shell-cupboard. The Old Merchant’s House has impressive 17th century plaster ceilings, which survived the bombing, including an early royal coat of arms of James 1. Articles removed from bombed houses are on display in both houses, which are museums in the care of English Heritage.

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